After receive your sim card, please contact your sponsor and done the step below.

STEP 1: Learn and activate sim card.

Before using your sim card, you must learn how to activate, please contact your sponsor or follow the link below.
After the sms step and after receive the reply, you must use the sim card sms "Active" to any number.
You can learn at:   Click here for details

STEP 2: Change your password.

Please login your tone excel account at: , username is your IC no (without -), and password is 1234,
and please change your password immediately.

STEP 3: Register Tune Talk Selfcare and change your phone number if need (FREE in 48 Hours).

If you don't like your phone number, you must register Tune Talk Selfcare and change your phone number free in 48 hours, after 48 hours, RM 5/ change.   Click here for details

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