1. What is the concept for WOW ToneExcel Referral Programme?

Your job is to sell tune-talk (with tone excel plan) sim card to your friends, family, neighbour, your colleague, and so on. As a result, when they topup their handphone at any handphone shop, you will earn commission. You will earn the commission as long as they are using the sim card.

2. How much is the Tune-Talk (Tone Excel) Sim Card?

The price is RM 93 (Inside already have RM 30 credit for you to call and sms)

3. What is the service provider for this sim card?

This sim card is using Tune-Talk, where tune-talk is using celcom line.

4. What is the call rate and sms?

For the lastest rate, please check at http://www.tonegroup.net/local-rates

5. Where can I topup my credit?

You may topup your tune talk credit at the whole Malaysia (Including Sabah and Sarawak). Any handphone shop outside, epay, maybank2u, cimbclick, and so on.

6. Is there any other benefit if I'm using prepaid Tune-Talk (Tone Excel) Sim Card?

You may use back your current handphone number. You are protected by PA Insurance worth RM 50,000 (tnc apply). Everytime topup collect points that can redeem for free airasia ticket.

7. What is the marketing plan for this business?

Sponsor 1 friend we earn RM 20 as fast track bonus, and we also earn topup commission 6% if our Level 1 topup their handphone, 3% if Level 2 topup their handphone, and 11% if Level 3 topup their handphone.
If you topup RM 60 or more, the commission level 1 10%, level 2 3%, level 3 13%

8. How Tone Excel pay the commission to me?

For fast track bonus, if we sponsor from 1-15th, the commission will bank in to our bank account end of the month. If we sponsor our friends from 16-31th, the commission will bank in to our bank account at 11th next month.
For topup commission, it will bank in to our bank account at 21th the next month if the topup commission reach RM 30. If less than that it will bring to the next month.

9. What is the requirement to receive the topup commission?

You are required to topup at least RM20 every month.

10. Can I topup the minimum of RM 20 at one time or topup seperately?

Both also can. Topup RM 20 at one time and topup seperately are accepted. As long as the total amount of your topup for that month is RM 20.

11. What will happen if my total amount of topup not reach RM 20?

If you already have downline, and that month you already have topup commission, then you are not able to get the commission (the commissio burned) for that month only. For the following month you still can get the topup commission if your topup amount reach RM 20 or more.

12. Where I can get the sim card?

You can get the sim card from your sponsor.

13. How is the signal strengh for Tune Talk?

Tune-talk is using Celcom line. Therefore, if Celcom line is good, then tune-talk line will be good.

14. How to participate this programme / join this business?

Get a sim card from your sponsor, your sponsor will help you to active the sim card and register you into this programme.

15. What should I do if I want to use back my current handphone number?

You may use back your current handphone number. Pls check 17 or tell your sponsor, your sponsor will help you to register and activate using your current handphone number. Please make sure your current hand phone number is register under your own IC.

16. After I participate into this programe, what should I do?

Introduce to your family, as example your parents, your spouse, your kids, your brother or sister, relatives, colleague, and anyone who are using handphone and before that their handphone bill are more than RM 20, then you can introduce them to use this tune-talk prepaid. Now when they using tune-talk prepaid, when they topup, we are the one will earn commission.
After that promote to other people, as example your colleague, your close friends that always play together, talk to them when you are playing golf with them, playing tennis, playing badminton, jogging, chatting at coffee shop, tell them the story and ask them to participate this programme together. Explain to them this is not MLM, just using the handphone as usual and we will earn commission if we introduce it to other people.

17. How to sponsor downline? Any form need to fill?

The first thing is to help them get one(1) tune-talk (tone excel) sim card.
Second, active and register the simcard using WhatsApp method.

Format WhatsApp for new tune-talk number:
ad FullName SimcardNoLast8Digit NoIC Address Postcode FirstChoice SecondChoice ThirdChoice Bank AccountNo idpIDReferral

For WhatsApp for use back current number:
ad FullName SimcardNoLast8Digit NoIC Address Postcode CurrentNo CurrentTelco Bank AccountNo idpIDReferral

(Seperate each info with one space)

Example for new tune-talk number:
ad Ali Bin Dolah 80XXXXXX 60XXXXXXXXXX no.3 jln cucur udang 5 81700 4532 5120 4088 Maybank 111234567890 idp123456

Example for use back current number:
ad Ali Bin Dolah 80XXXXXX 60XXXXXXXXXX no.3 jln cucur udang 5 81700 012XXXXXX maxis Maybank 111234567890 idp123456

WhatsApp to 010 5335 793

Wait around 1 hour and when you receive the success reply, remove the sim card and put it into your handphone and send one sms to any handphone number. Please make sure you send at least one sms else the sim card retain not active.

18. How to promote this business?

Explain to your friends about this business opportunity.

19. How do I get the lastest info?

Login and visit member website at:   http://www.toneexcel.com

20. Where I can get more details about RM 50,000 PA Insurance?

Visit   https://www.tunetalk.com/my/en/extra/insurance

21. I already using the normal tune-talk sim card which cost RM 5 from handphone shop. Can I use back that tunetalk number and participate into this programme?

Yes. Please follow the Step 17 (Format SMS to use back current number).

22. I go to handphone shop and notice that they sell tune-talk sim card for RM 5 only, not RM 93?

Tunetalk have two(2) types of sim card, one is the normal tune-talk sim card which cost RM 5 only and the call rate is RM 0.15 and sms RM 0.05. But this sim card does not have tone excel plan. When we introduce our friends to use this sim card we will not earn any commission.
While the other one is tune-talk (with tone excel plan). This sim card cost RM 93 with RM 30 credit inside for you to call and sms. For the lastest rate, please check at http://www.tonegroup.net/local-rates and with referral programme. If we introduce our friends to use this sim card we will earn commission and topup commission when they topup their handphone. This sim card are not sell at handphone shop, you can get it from your sponsor.

23. They said call rate for tunetalk (tone excel) is expensive, RM 0.32 per minute?

For the lastest rate, please check at http://www.tonegroup.net/local-rates

Have you seen the call rate for Digi to other telco, and Maxis to other telco? Their call rate are more expensive than ToneExcel. Some are RM 0.33 and some are RM 0.35 and RM 0.36. Therefore call rate for tune-talk (tone excel) are cheaper than that. And one more thing, if your family and relatives are already using handphone and they reload their handphone / pay bill all the time. They are just help the company to earn more. Why not this time they help you to earn? They are still hanphone user even they are not participate into this programme.

24. What is the call rate to other country?

Please visit:   http://www.tonegroup.net/idd-rates

25. Can the people from other country join this programme?

Yes. just need to have passport no and bank account in Malaysia.

26. Can I use back my current number? But the current number is in postpaid from other telco.

Yes. For postpaid you need to clear your bill. Make sure it is register under your own IC and follow step 17.

27. I just participate in this programme. How to check the balance using tune-talk (tone excel) sim card?

* For top up is *122*# and press call
* For check balance *133# and press call
* For credit transfer: *111# and choose no.3 (Credit)
* For topup credit, go to the handphone shop outside, 7Eleven, epay and buy Tune-Talk reload coupon. Don't ask for topup tone excel as they will not understand.
* You may topup your credit through maybank2u, cimb click dan other online banking.
* To get Tune Buddies 10 nombor (Tune Buddies is special call rate from ToneExcel where calling rate are RM 0.26 and SMS RM 0.15) *111# - Choose Option 4 - Services, after that Option 3, Favourite 8

28. I want to know, if we topup RM 60, our level 1's commission will increase from 6% to 10%. How do we know that it will increase after we topup RM 60, or increase at the begining of the month when we topup RM 60 at the middle of the month.. Can explain more?

They will count at the end of the month.
During the month they will only count 6%, but when at the end of the month, as example they notice that you topup more than RM 60, they will calculate extra 4%. When the commission bank in at 21th, after one week the statement will shown at the member area, L1 extra 4%, L3 extra 2%

29. The original form need to post back to company when register downline? What will happen if we not post back?

No need, Register downline follow step 17.

30. If we sponsor a service centre, all the 220pcs of sim card that he/she sells to 220 person, that 220 person will become my downline at level 2?

No, because he/she can sell the sim card to anyone.

31. If we sponsor a downline, can we get the fast track bonus if we put the downline to my level 2 or level 3?

No, only at level 1

32. I still have 8 sim cards which is not activate yet and put at my room for quite a long time. Can it still be used?

Yes. There is no expiry date for Tune-talk (Tone excel) sim card. You can activate it anytime, activate please follow step 17.

33. Just want to ask, I already topup my credit, but my big point is not update. What should I do?

Big point will update around 1 - 2 days. If it is still not update yet please call 010 5000 969. They are ready to help.

34. I want to login to my member website but I type the wrong password / I forgot my password. Now my account had been block. What should I do?

Call customer service at 010-5000969 or email to hq.care@tonegroup.net.

35. What is the day validity for tune-talk reload coupon?

RM 10 - 10 days
RM 20 - 20 days
RM 30 - 30 days
RM 50 - 50 days
RM 100 - 100 days
RM 200 - 200 days

36. I go to 7-Eleven and ask for Tone Excel coupon, they said they doesn't have it?

Just tell them tune-talk reload coupon.

37. I'm using RedTone previously, can I use back my Red Tone number if I join this programme?

Yes. We can do port in for Celcom, Digi, Maxis, UMobile, XOX, RedTone, YTLComms and MTrade. Your sponsor will use WhatsApp method to register your sim card follow step 17.

38. Previously I join this tune talk business, but I stop for few months and now want to start again. Does my account and member ID still valid and can be used?

The simple method to know our membership validity in Tone excel is to check our sim card see whether expired already or not. if our sim card already expired, that's means our membership in tone excel had been terminated as well. Tune-talk tone excel sim card have grace period around 45 days. If you are not topup your sim card within this period, your tone excel membership will be terminate.

39. How to enable GPRS?

Type *111# and press call, choose service, gprs.
When you see gprs subsribed means GRPR can now been used.

40. I already join this tune talk Tone Excel plan and use back my old handphone number, but my handphone can receive call only and I can't call out. What should I do?

Sometime this will happen for those who use back their old handphone number. If you have this problem where you can receive call but not able to call out, please follow below steps. Change the settings of your handphone.
1) At your handphone, go to SETTING and look for NETWORK SETTING.
2) Choose MANUAL NETWORK SELECTION and choose other network (except Tunetalk and Celcom). Choose Digi or Maxis.
3) After your selection had been rejected, change back to TUNETALK or CELCOM.
4) Please OFF your handphone and ON back (restart your handphone) and try to do outgoing dan incoming call.
If still not able to call out please contact tune-talk customer service (13100/03-79490000)

41. Sir, I join this tunetalk business and after I do port in, I'm also the user of ebanking for maybank2u, cimbclick, e-eon and so on. Last night I want to request TAC but I'm not able to receive. Does tunetalk support ebanking?

Tunetalk support ebanking. To solve this problem, I suggest you go to the ATM of your bank, change your handphone number to others. After that go in again to change back the handphone number. This is something like reset.

42. Few days ago I had register 2 downlines but inside my member area, I notice that I have only one fast track bonus. Where is the other one?

Usually ToneExcel will take 2/3 days to update it inside member area, and secondly, when they register downline, they not activate the sim card or make at least one call / send at least one sms

43. Topup tune talk can collect points and redeem for free airasia ticket? Can explain more?

Everytime you topup, you will able to collect points for free airasia ticket for free that can fly to local malaysia or other country. As example, you topup RM 30, you will receive 70 points. If you topup RM 50, you will receive 120 points. Collect the points, if you had enough point you can redeem free airasia ticket.
More info visit tune talk website:   https://www.tunetalk.com/my/en/rewards/talkbig

44. I live in Brunei. Does tone excel will come to Brunei? If not, how do I join and get the benefit from tone excel? Where I can get the tone excel prepaid card?

Tune talk line can be used in Brunei and other country, but Toneexcel not yet operate in other country at the moment. You may join this with your passport number but you have the problem to topup your prepaid and receive the commission from Tone Excel. If you have bank account in Malaysia, I don't think there is a problem for you to participate. To get the sim card please contact the person who introduce you.

45. What is the actual rate for sms?? 5 cent or 13 cent?? Because I had see the banner shows that sms is 5 cent .. how can I get the sms rate 5 cent? Need to upgrade our number??

There is two(2) typs of Tunetalk,
1. Normal Tunetalk that sell at handphone shop, the sim card price only RM5, call rate 1 minute 16 cents and SMS 5 cents. But no referral programme. If you introduce your friends you can't get any commission.
2. Tunetalk/ToneExcel Sim card where the price is RM93, For the lastest rate, please check at http://www.tonegroup.net/local-rates. There is referral programme inside, if you introduce your friends you will get commission.

46. I lost my sim card, what should I do?

Get a replacement sim card from HQ. One replacement sim card is RM 10.
Please check below:   http://www.tonegroup.net/onlineservices

47. What is the call rate to Indonesia and how to call?

Call rate international please visit:   http://www.tonegroup.net/idd-rates
The correct way to call is "Number Prefix"+NoPhone

48. I keyin the wrong IC during registration. What should I do?

Email to hq.care@tonegroup.net

49. I place my downline wrongly, to other people. What should I do?

This is the mistake that cannot be solve. Before send out the WhatsApp, please double check your WhatsApp content.

50. I'm from Singapore and interested with the WOW programme, when it will come to Singapore market?

For tune talk line, they can call to the whole world same as other handphone, charge roaming will be apply. However WOW programme is not yet operate in other country.

51. How do I check whether someone is register under me or not, and how do I know their member ID?

Login to you member area and click at Subscriber.

52. When I get the sim card I use the sim card to call immediately, but the problem is it cannot call out.

The sim card need to activate and register first before it can be used. Your sponsor will active and register the sim card for you follow step 17.

53. I'm confuse about tune-talk-tone excel WOW referral programme, some website mention that the minimum maintain every month is RM 20, and some said that minimum maintain is RM 30. Which one is correct?

The correct one is RM 20. Previously is RM 38 but now is RM 20 only.

54. My friend had register and get a tune talk number, but my friend not prefer the tune talk number, can my friend change the tune talk number to other number?

Yes. For your information, your friend need to login to his/her selfcare account to change the number.
Kindly follow steps below to login to your selfcare account:
1. Visit www.tunetalk.com
2. Click Selfcare
3. Click at Forgot password/username (If you don't have password for selfcare)
4. Choose forgot password and keyin your NRIC and your phone number.
5. Your password will send to your hand phone (display at your hand phone screen)
6. Login with the password.
7. After login, kindly click at "MY NUMBERS" and choose "CHANGE NUMBER" to change your handphone number. Every changes tunetalk will charge RM 5.

55. I still not understand about how tone excel pay commission to us. Can help to explain?

For fast track, if we sponsor from 1-15th, the commission will bank in to our bank account at the end of the month. If we sponsor our friend from 16-31th, the commission will bank in to our bank account 11th the next month.
For topup commission, it will bank in 21th next month when the commission more than RM30, If less than that it will bring to next month.

56. How to redeem my big point for air asia ticket or airtime?

Please check below:

57. Introduce one downline can earn how much?

RM 15/ Sim Card

58. New commission is 10%, 3% and 13%?

If you top up RM20 - RM 59.99, Commission is 6%, 3%, 11%
If you top up RM60 and above, Commission is 10%, 3%, 13%

59. Am I able to choose the phone number?

Yes, you can choose from the last 4 digi.

60. Do the FREE PA Insurance need renew, how much I need to pay?

No need, the insurance is auto when you top up RM 50 or above, you can check it online by your IC
For more infomation, please check:   https://www.tunetalk.com/my/en/extra/insurance

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